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Tritium Blade Strip with Tip Light - 460 LEDs / Meter (82cm Length)

Tritium Blade Strip with Tip Light - 460 LEDs / Meter (82cm Length)

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These insanely bright LED blades are unlike anything else in the galaxy! They feature the highest LED density at 460 LEDs/meter. Say goodbye to blade side shadow with two rows of side facing LEDs. No more dark blade tip with an integrated tip facing LED.  Features super bright SK6812 LEDs that are very similar to WS2812s (or "NeoPixel") and work with the same libraries! Fully compatible with ProffieBoards v2.2 and v3.9. Keep in mind that complex animations and blade styles may not work on v2.2 proffieboards due to speed and memory limitations. We recommend fastest optimization.

*Please note due to this product's nature, it does NOT qualify for free shipping.


  • LEDs facing in all 4 directions eliminating side shadow.
  • Tip led to illuminate the blade tip.
  • Easy to feed into diffusion foam when assembling a blade. 
  • Brightest blade in the galaxy 


  • Operating Voltage: 5VDC
  • Beam Angle: 360 degrees
  • Consumption Watts: 76W/m (Max)
  • LED Quantity: 356 pcs
  • PCB Thickness: 9mm wide, 1.6mm thickness, 820mm length
  • large solder pads in the base
  • Carefully engineered internal thermal layers for good cooling. 

 *Please note due to this product's nature it does NOT qualify for free shipping

Wiring Details: 

Blade Kits include: 

- Polycarbonate Tube
- Foam Diffuser
- Blade Connector PCB
- Tritium LED Strip
- Blade Tip Cap
- Blade Base Cap / PCB Holder

ProffieBoard configuration:

Make sure to set the maxLedsPerStrip to 477. 
update blade arrays to utilize a strip length of 477.
Note: we recommend using optimization for speed performance. Complex animations and blade styles might run slow with older saber sound boards. 

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