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Tritium Sabers

Tritium Sabers - OWK3 DIY Saber Hilt Kit (Chassis Included)

Tritium Sabers - OWK3 DIY Saber Hilt Kit (Chassis Included)

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This saber kit is inspired by the one used by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith. Beautifully crafted from aluminum and brass which has been plated and brilliantly finished to mirror shine. This saber has an awesome feel and balance. Each saber includes a free high quality chassis for use with either Proffieboard v2.2 or v3.9. 

 This saber fits a 1" blade and features 2 buttons which install underneath the clamp card.

Included in the Kit: 

- Saber Hilt components
- 2 piece injection molded chassis 
- Push button kit (2 buttons)
- Assembly hardware

To complete your saber build you will also need:

- Proffieboard or other sound board
- speaker (24mm recommended) 
- wire
- LED Blade components

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